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he gendarmes ar▓e accustomed to give notice of the ▓discovery of a Stundist is characterist▓ic: I was passing the house of Farmer X—— a●nd his son and saw them both readin▓g in a book.I entered and ascertain

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ed that this▓ book is the Gospel.Farmer X——▓ and his son are therefore Stund


ist●s, and as such are most [Pg 25●2]respectfully reported to the authoriti▓es.Russian nobles have been exiled ●to S

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iberia for the crime of reading the▓ Gospel to their servants.A former of▓ficer of


the guards, Vassili Alexandro▓vitch Pashkov, who dedicated all his means to ●phil


anthropy and held religious exercises, ▓was expelled from St.Petersburg ▓and the m


ovement named for him was suppress▓ed. Why is all this The narrow-mi●ndedness o


f Pobydonostzev's system permits no● falling-away from the official church.The p▓olice state tolerates no suspicious m

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ss Aksakov's saying, Be a rascal, but be▓ correct in your politics (Bud, ▓razvraten, no bud, blagonamyeren▓).Debauche

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ry is directly com

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young men of good family b▓ecause it prevents intense absorption in politi▓cs.The crime of the Stundists, Doukhobors, an●d Malevents consists in their wis▓hing to be Christians in the spirit of▓ Christ, and in being disaffected tow●ards that diabolical machine the Russian st▓ate

.For this th

ey are persecuted ●in the name of Christ and of th●e state, but, as the above-quoted figures show, ●without result.Sectarianism grow▓s continuously.Thus Leo Tolsto●'s religious anarchy is in a certain way▓ comprehensible.Whoever looks about him s▓ees good people who, without mak

ing any● di

sturbance, simply turn away from the stat▓e as something unchristian and i▓nhuman; and he may easily fall into the delusi●on that it will some time be possible ●to found the kingdom of heaven upon[Pg 253] the▓ earth through the spreading of these● teachings.Their rise, however, ●is only too comprehensible in a state▓ which has never pretended to represent ●the general welfare and justice—means ●by which even conscienceless con●querors and despots have spread● civilization.

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